Santa Fe Trail Ranch Metro District

Metro Operations Center
33712 Mountain View Drive
Trinidad, CO 81082

The Metro Business Office at this address is open Tuesdays from 9am to 5pm. Please contact Abby Tamburelli for any billing account questions by phone (719-846-3569) or email ( and she will respond ASAP. Metro customers can drop off envelopes in the secure dropbox on the west door, but for security reasons NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Minutes from the January 13, 2022 Metro Board Meeting.

Metro Notice regarding the replacement of meters to comply with state regulations (June 10, 2021)

Minutes from 2021 Metro Board Meetings.

Consumer Confidence Report (May 25, 2021)

Cistern Configuration Update (emailed March 9, 2021)

City of Trinidad's Resolution 1585 (Water Restrictions Amended - 5 Jan 2021)

Minutes from December 10, 2020 Metro Board Meeting.

Minutes from November 19, 2020 Metro Board Meeting

Metro Notice of new CDPHE regulations concerning our cisterns (superseded by June 10, 2021 notice)

Minutes from September 21, 2020 Metro Board Meeting

City of Trinidad's Resolution 1574 (Moratorium on New Water Taps - 18 Aug 2020)

Metro/Trinidad Water Contract (2008-2018)

Business Manager: Abby Tamburelli abby.tamburelli[at]sftrmetro(dot)com
Board President: Robert Scott robert.scott[at]sftrmetro(dot)com
Vice President: Rick Kinder[at]sftrmetro(dot)com
Treasurer: Carlin Craig carlin.craig[at]sftrmetro(dot)com
Director: R.C. Ghormley r.c.ghormley[at]sftrmetro(dot)com
Director: Billy Hughes[at]sftrmetro(dot)com